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Those were the days …

Pro athletes have been hocking wares for a very long time.   And they continue to do it today.  However, today, it seems as if directors have taken the acting out of the equation. Rarely do you see the athlete … Continue reading

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Player Profile: Clifford Robinson

I think you will quickly find that I have a slight obsession with UConn athletics. So it should come as little surprise that my first player profile will indeed be a UConn Husky. Here is a write-up I did for … Continue reading

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Some of my favorite promos -

It is hard to imagine but not so long ago promotions for broadcasts of local sporting events used to be clever and imaginative.  Don’t believe me?  Here are a few that have been stuck in my head for over 20 years. … Continue reading

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And It’s San Antonio, again.

Well, it’s 2013 and the Spurs have made it to the NBA Finals.  This is their 5th trip there since 1999.  The previous four trips have netted an NBA title (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007).  Yet, while we hear a lot … Continue reading

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Phil Jackson – Ruining his legacy?

With the release of his new book, Eleven Rings, Phil Jackson has been a virtual walking soundbite.  But, are the things he is saying, most likely for publicity, ruining his legacy?  This player is better than that player.  I’d take … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Into Showtime Brought to You by New Edition

My favorite New Edition song also was promoted by my favorite New Edition video. See if you can spot all the awesome 1980′s Showtime Lakers!  Also, see if you can see the awning of the Forum Club.  

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The End of the NCAA?

Two heavy-hitter college coaches (one in football and one in hoops) recently came just short of saying that the power conferences can get along just fine with out the guidance of the great overseer, the NCAA. Has the NCAA lived … Continue reading

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Welcome to Swingin’ Sammie’s Sports Tavern

What’s on my mind?  What’s on your mind?  Why do I hate what’s on your mind and vice versa?  Let’s talk all things sports and sport lifestyle.  Sound good? Slide up to the bar and open your trap.

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