May I introduce you to Death Zebra?

Well, I had the difficult task of taking out clients to the Nike ID studio in NYC.  I know, feel free to cry for me.  I spent several weeks before hand plotting what I wanted to design and I thought I had a very good idea of what I wanted.  Then, I sat in front of the computer and began to put together my vision.

Quickly, my vision changed.  I went a completely different direction.  Folks were in awe of what I was creating.  People began to call other people over.  Word was spreading.  There was a masterpiece being created.

Today, I came into the office and there they were.  Still in a box with new shoe smell.  Death Zebra


Question is do I wear them? I mean, would you ask Leonardo to wear the Mona Lisa?

I think the point is that even though I expressed that my favorite all time shoe was , I think I may have a new favorite.

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