The Story of ‘Give It All You Got’

If you made it this far and did not listen to the sweet jam above, please listen to it now. We will wait for you.


OK, so now you’ve listened to the sweet jam known as ‘Give It All You Got’ by Chuck Mangione. Now, you are asking why am I talking about the smooth sounds of Chuck Mangione. Well, it’s quite simple. ABC commissioned Mr. Mangione to compose a song that would act as the theme song of the 1980 Winter Olympics. The Man in the Hat accepted the offer and composed this gem, which he performed live at the closing ceremonies.

Story is that ABC wanted to use the song as part of it’s coverage of the 1980 Summer Olympics as well (NBC had the rights to be the main broadcaster). However, Jimmy Carter called for a boycott of the Olympics by the Team USA due to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. NBC did opted to boycott full coverage of the Olympics. ABC used the song as part of it’s coverage of the Opening Ceremonies. When I saw Mangione perform the song live (jealous?) he said that with the boycott, the name of the song should be ‘Give It All You Thought You Could’.

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