Good Work If You Can Get It: The Jamarcus Russell Story

It’s been well documented what a disaster Jamarcus Russell has been. How his attitude and lack of football acumen set the Oakland Raiders back potentially a decade after they picked him #1 in 2007. By selecting the quarterback out of LSU, they lost out on Calvin Johnson, LaRon Landry, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Aaron Ross, Dwayne Bowe, Joe Staley and Eric Weddle. They took Zach Miller in the second round but certainly missed out on a lot of Pro-Bowl level talent before that 38th pick.

So, on top of the money that the Raiders had paid Russell to embarrass the franchise, it came out today that they will be cutting him another check for $3 million. Not bad for a player that has been attempting to make a comeback to the league for a few years now.

More from ESPN.

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