How Do You Stop Fans From Swearing?

Disorderly fans have been an issue in stadiums the world over for a long time now. And things are no different at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ. Here, fans have had a long standing tradition known as ‘YSA’ which is applied when the goalkeeper from the opposing team sends off a goal kick. Many fans have called this an old and tired practice saying that it has run it’s course and they can certainly put a better foot forward.

As many fans have had enough, Major League Soccer has also been calling for this practice to end for some time feeling that it causes a negative impression to (prospective) sponsors as well as the casual fan. The message has been received by the clubs as well. And New York Red Bull is putting their money where their mouth is by offering a cash incentive to the major supporters clubs in The South Ward of Red Bull Arena for them to not use the ‘YSA’ chant.

Time will tell if this will work for the masses but the leadership of the supporters groups appear to be on board.

Here is more from SI.

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