The Curious Case of Wayne Rooney -

It’s no secret that Wayne Rooney may have outstayed his welcome at Old Trafford. With the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and the arrival of David Moyes, a transfer of Wayne Rooney might be just the stamp the new administration requires to make their mark. However, while a transfer would be important, it also will not be done without thought.

Chelsea offered 30 Million GBP for Rooney which was rejected by Manchester United. So Manchester United is more than satisfied to keep Rooney as a spot player on their squad rather than giving him up at a profit (they brought him over from Everton for over 25 million GBP in 2004). But what is 5 million GBP to one of the world’s wealthiest sports properties?

But could Rooney be one of the tipping points in the balance of power for the English Premier League? Well, of course, Arsene Wenger has an opinion. But what is mine? His time at Man Utd. is done. And his time was positive for both club and player. His name still carries weight in England so to have him play spot time is a waste. And to have him play outside a top 6 club certainly will not suit him.

So here are the players:
Liverpool – He has Everton roots so this would be considerably worse than him having gone to United
Chelsea – A decent chance of this happening. Man Utd understands that they have displayed deep pockets and probably will not let this go for less than 40 Million GBP which I think even Abromovich understands is ubsurd.
Arsenal – I still am in disbelief that they would offer 40 Million GBP for Suarez (Liverpool appears to have shied away from this deal as they are concerned that it puts Arsenal ahead of them in the chase for a Champions League spot. Rooney does not have the upside that a Suarez could have for comparable money so I cannot see Wenger losing his mind twice in one transfer window.
Manchester City – For the uninitiated, could you picture the Yankees trading Derek Jeter to the Red Sox?
Spurs – This is my best guesstimate as to where Rooney will end up. If Spurs gets even half the discussed transfer fee for Gareth Bale, then this is a done deal.

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