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The Curious Case of Wayne Rooney -

It’s no secret that Wayne Rooney may have outstayed his welcome at Old Trafford. With the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and the arrival of David Moyes, a transfer of Wayne Rooney might be just the stamp the new administration … Continue reading

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MLS to add 4 Teams by 2020

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber announced last night the intention of MLS to add 4 additional expansion teams by 2020. With the arrival of NYCFC (co-owned by the New York Yankees and Manchester City) the total number of teams … Continue reading

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Madden Football 25th Anniversary Team -

EA Sports has begun announcing their picks for the 25th Anniversary All-Madden Football team. All I have to say is they selected Marshall Faulk over Barry Sanders? I mean, if you played Madden 94, you had to select the Lions … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Stadium in Silicon Valley

Apps! Apps! Apps! All designed to make your visit to (the poorly named) Levi’s Stadium more pleasurable. And by more pleasurable, we mean apps to assist you with finding a bathroom and getting beer. Tis a truly enlightened age we … Continue reading

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Can you imagine the game without it?

I find myself doing and I bet a lot of others do as well. It’s 3rd and 6 and your team’s wide receiver caught the ball on a screen behind the line and sprinter up to the sticks and stepped … Continue reading

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The Big Dipper in 1957

It could potentially be that I have read/listened to way too much Bill Simmons, but I just always think that Wilt Chamberlain has been overrated as a player. He certainly belongs to be in the discussion for one of the … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Cheap Trick Logo

NOTE: This is purely un-sports related. But I feel I would be remiss if I did not include it It is one of the most iconic logos in the history of rock and roll. And it almost did not happen. … Continue reading

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The Lion and the Football

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How Do You Stop Fans From Swearing?

Disorderly fans have been an issue in stadiums the world over for a long time now. And things are no different at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ. Here, fans have had a long standing tradition known as ‘YSA’ which … Continue reading

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Phil Jackson: At It Again

Remember when I talked about Phil Jackson ruining his legacy? Well, it appears he is choosing to not keep his mouth shut again. This time his ranting is taken to the Twitter-sphere with 2 tweets in regards to Dwight Howard … Continue reading

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