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The Benefits of a Stadium in Silicon Valley

Apps! Apps! Apps! All designed to make your visit to (the poorly named) Levi’s Stadium more pleasurable. And by more pleasurable, we mean apps to assist you with finding a bathroom and getting beer. Tis a truly enlightened age we … Continue reading

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Can you imagine the game without it?

I find myself doing and I bet a lot of others do as well. It’s 3rd and 6 and your team’s wide receiver caught the ball on a screen behind the line and sprinter up to the sticks and stepped … Continue reading

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Good Work If You Can Get It: The Jamarcus Russell Story

It’s been well documented what a disaster Jamarcus Russell has been. How his attitude and lack of football acumen set the Oakland Raiders back potentially a decade after they picked him #1 in 2007. By selecting the quarterback out of … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with college athletics?

Lots has been said about what is wrong with college athletics. Is it the money? Is it the NCAA’s inability to control the conferences and schools? Certainly those are big reasons. Here’s a bigger one: Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel is the … Continue reading

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National Doughnut Day

Well, it’s National Donut Day. ¬†And can I think of a better way to celebrate than to watch a video of Gronkowski working at a Dunkin’ Donuts? No I can’t. Confession: I had a Boston Creme this morning. Happy Doughnut … Continue reading

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Player Profile: Sam Mills

It’s Sam Mills birthday so what better time to celebrate the life of one of the great overachievers. I did a write-up for Sam Mills for nomination into the Ask Your Uncle Hall of Fame. Here is what I had: … Continue reading

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The End of the NCAA?

Two heavy-hitter college coaches (one in football and one in hoops) recently came just short of saying that the power conferences can get along just fine with out the guidance of the great overseer, the NCAA. Has the NCAA lived … Continue reading

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