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The Big Dipper in 1957

It could potentially be that I have read/listened to way too much Bill Simmons, but I just always think that Wilt Chamberlain has been overrated as a player. He certainly belongs to be in the discussion for one of the … Continue reading

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Phil Jackson: At It Again

Remember when I talked about Phil Jackson ruining his legacy? Well, it appears he is choosing to not keep his mouth shut again. This time his ranting is taken to the Twitter-sphere with 2 tweets in regards to Dwight Howard … Continue reading

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There’s a Market For Everything: The Case for Greg Oden

It seems in sports there is a niche for everything. Player who cannot shoot but can play lock-down defense for a few minutes in the forth quarter? Check. Player who can return kicks (but not punts) and nothing else? Sign … Continue reading

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Gambling your future for no present: Life at Barclays with the Nets

So, the Nets pulled off the blockbuster deal of draft day with the Celtics. The Nets ship three first-round picks (2014, ’16 and ’18) along with Kris Humphries’ expiring contract, Gerald Wallace, Kris Joseph, MarShon Brooks and a sign-and-traded Keith … Continue reading

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Player Profile – Rory Sparrow

Rory Sparrow was boss.  Here is a write-up I did for his nomination:   Ask Your Uncle Hall of Fame Nominee: Rory Sparrow – 1980-1992 (Nets, Hawks, Knicks, Bulls, Heat, Kings, Lakers) Rory Sparrow was born in Virginia. He played … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Ray Allen

A great piece here from at Michael Rosenberg SI in regards to the career of Ray Allen as a journeyman (potential) Hall of Famer. Check it out here. Oh, and Go Huskies!

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The Measure

I think I brought up earlier in my Phil Jackson post that I dislike when people try to compare players from different eras. However, the debate rolled on. And it started to run into another area that I dislike: when … Continue reading

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Book Review – Earl the Pearl

I recently finished the autobiography of Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe. Overall, the book was very well done. He told both the story of his life on and off the court in entertaining detail. From growing up in Philadelphia, to going … Continue reading

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My Favorite Shoes

We all have a pair.  A pair of shoes that stick with you.  Be it comfort.  Be it style.  Be it memories.  They will not leave you.  They are your favorites shoes. I myself am guilty of having a favorite … Continue reading

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Those were the days …

Pro athletes have been hocking wares for a very long time.   And they continue to do it today.  However, today, it seems as if directors have taken the acting out of the equation. Rarely do you see the athlete … Continue reading

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