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The Big Dipper in 1957

It could potentially be that I have read/listened to way too much Bill Simmons, but I just always think that Wilt Chamberlain has been overrated as a player. He certainly belongs to be in the discussion for one of the … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with college athletics?

Lots has been said about what is wrong with college athletics. Is it the money? Is it the NCAA’s inability to control the conferences and schools? Certainly those are big reasons. Here’s a bigger one: Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel is the … Continue reading

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Player Profile: Clifford Robinson

I think you will quickly find that I have a slight obsession with UConn athletics. So it should come as little surprise that my first player profile will indeed be a UConn Husky. Here is a write-up I did for … Continue reading

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The End of the NCAA?

Two heavy-hitter college coaches (one in football and one in hoops) recently came just short of saying that the power conferences can get along just fine with out the guidance of the great overseer, the NCAA. Has the NCAA lived … Continue reading

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